Sunday, June 15, 2014

Featured Pen: Hakumin Urushi Negoro Kuro-Tamenuri

I have long been looking at the Negoro style fountain pens from Nakaya and debating the purchase of one of these beauties.

From Wikipedia: "Negoro lacquerwares were produced at the Negoro-ji temple complex in Izumi province. The red layers of lacquer on Negoro wares are intended to gradually wear away with use, revealing the black lacquer underneath. This effect has since been copied and emulated elsewhere."

The Negoro style is no longer limited to red over black, but used to describe a style which is also known as "Wabi-Sabi". From ""Wabi-Sabi" is the term used in Japanese for objects whose aesthetic value increases with use and wear. Taking this idea to its logical extreme, this pen honors the aging process even more by featuring "cracks" artfully engraved onto the surface of the cap, barrel, and gripping section. This process is particularly painstaking and time-consuming - production of these pens usually requires six months or more."

For me, the Nakaya presented two problems - first, the inner threads from the nib section to the barrel are metal which prevents filling the pen as an eyedropper and second, I am not crazy about the available colors: Negoro Shiro-tame, Negoro Nanohana-iro and Negoro Nuno kise Hon Kataji.

So, I contacted Ernest Shin of Hakumin Urushi to find out is he could make a Negoro in Kuro-Tamenuri. Kuro-Tamenuri is red under black where the red comes through. The base is (as with my other Hakumin Urushi pen) an Edison Pearl with an Edison 18kt italic nib. Just so you know this pen is comparably priced with the Nakaya and gave me exactly what I wished for in this style of pen. Thank you, Ernest! and thank you to Brian Grey for introducing the pen world to this wonderful artisan.


This was a very difficult pen to photograph and convey it's true beauty.


Charles Silva said...

What an utterly fantastic work of art! Thanks for sharing.

Grant McDuling said...

A truly beautiful pen. I think it's one to savour.

peaceablewriter said...

Wonderful pen, Julie! Don't you love that you can get "exactly" what you wish for? Ernest's work continues to impress. Cheers, —the other Julie

Martin said...

How long of a process to have this pen made and shipped? It's stunning, I'd like one made for my 50th birthday.

Julie B said...

Hi Martin - this pen took about a year. But contact Ernest directly for a better time frame. - Julie

pamurimaharaj said...

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